Are you planning a Wedding? Or perhaps a Commercial event? Such as a: Fundraiser, Community Event, Sport Challenge or Concert? In any case, you are going to need Portable Toilet Rentals. Further, you may also be interested in the Portable Toilet Requirements as it pertains to the number of guests you can expect to attend.

Further, there is a chance you came across this post looking for Construction Portable Toilet Rental requirements. If you are interested in site specific requirements, you can view this post on Industrial Specific standards.

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At Go Services Inc. we pride ourselves on our Customer Service. Further, we also take great care when we inform our customers on the rentals necessary for their sites and events. Below is a chart you can use to help predict the number of units you will need for your next Outdoor Event.

# of
12 units2 units3 units5 units12 units
22 units3 units4 units8 units20 units
32 units3 units5 units10 units24 units
42 units4 units6 units11 units27 units
52 units4 units6 units12 units29 units
63 units4 units7 units13 units31 units
73 units4 units7 units13 units32 units
83 units4 units7 units14 units33 units
93 units4 units7 units14 units33 units
103 units5 units7 units14 units34 units
Portable Toilet Requirements & Options

Each Special Event Rental is different! Further, based on your number guests, location, etc. you may be looking at having different options for your guests. We are a trade leader in Equipment Rental & Site Services, and are confident we can meet your site specific needs. Some of our options for your Portable Toilet Requirements include:

Portable Toilet Requirements

Your Commercial Rentals as well as your Wedding Rentals demand premium quality portable toilets. We have a specific fleet of units set aside for all Special Events.

Portable Toilet Requirements

Looking for something a little more luxurious? Our Executive Restrooms offer a modern touch to the specific demands of your Special Event.

Portable Toilet Requirements

Often overlooked at Special Events is the need for proper Handwash Stations. Always delivered clean, and serviced to your needs! Our units come with a tie-down strap to keep them in place, and are good for over 300+ uses before needing to be refilled.

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In any case, it may be hard to predict the number of units you truly need. But, we are confident that we can help to get you the proper advice based on the type of event you are running. If you need numbers based on your Special Event, please feel free to Contact Us today to learn more!

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