At Go Services Inc. we are always concerned with providing quality Equipment Rentals as well as Site Services. Furthermore, we appreciate the opportunity to educate our customers about the requirements for these items based on our 15+ years experience. Although necessary on job sites (and Outdoor Special Events) – there is more to Porta Potties than you may know! As a matter of fact, the environmental impact of using Portable Toilets saves more freshwater every year than you may think.

The following are five facts about Portable Toilets to pique your interest:

1. First Evidence of Porta Potties dates back to 14th Century B.C.
During Ancient Egyptian times, evidence of Pottery Vessels were found placed beneath stools that had holes cut out of the seat. Of course the actual purpose of these are up for debate; however, it is said that these were put in tombs for use in the afterlife.
2. 5000 Porta Potties for One Event?
During the inauguration of Former President Barack Obama, more than 5000 Porta Potties were on site. Surely this was enough for the crowd? On account of the almost 1.8 million in attendance, this means that each toilet was serving the needs of 350+ people. Our hats go off to the suppliers!
3. Portable Toilets were Formalized during WWII
Although up for debate about the true origination, it is rumored that Portable Toilets got their start during WWII. Made of wood and metal material, these units were not quite the structures we have today. By the same token, due to a lack of chemicals the smell/sanitation of these units left something to be desired.
4. A Well Spent $100,000…
Until now, you may be left wondering what the proper placement is for toilet paper? Fear not! In the United States, a study worth over $100,000 has concluded that 3/4 people prefer the flap to be on the outside.
5. HUGE Environmental Savings
The most important of all the information listed in this article is the environmental savings of Porta Potties. An estimated 45 billion gallons of fresh water is saved annually through the use of portable toilets. This comes as a result of a single running toilet wasting up to 200 gallons of water per day!
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