For Work Sites, as well as outdoor Special Events, Portable Toilets are a necessity. At Go Services Inc. we are dedicated to providing a clean, safe place for your guests and employees to use the bathroom. Further, we believe in providing education to our operators and customers on how to keep your site safe from injury and illness.

The following are considerations for you, coupled with tips and recommendations for your event and/or site.

Location Safety and Vandals

It is important to consider safe locations for your Portable Toilets. This includes not placing your units directly next to pathways or parking areas, as they could be a hazard with the door opening and shutting into higher traffic areas. As well, this dissuades the chance or your unit being hit by a motor vehicle, possibly with a worker or guest inside!

In like manner, keeping your Porta-Potty Rental overnight is a common occurance. Our best tip is to keep your unit in a well-lit area to deter criminal activity. Such criminal activity can include tipping, graffiti, and general tampering with your equipment.

Children Safety

During Special Events, children are often in attendance. As a result, proper consideration needs to be given to keeping them safe. The types of biocides and dyes used in the chemicals in Portable Toilets can be harmful if ingested. Therefore, children should never go into units alone and should also be made sure to wash their hands after use. Children are especially at risk to contract conditions such as influenza if they do not wash their hands.

Having Proper Handwash Stations
Proper hand sanitation is a priority for all people using Portable Toilets. Due to the nature of our business, we are always sure to provide hand-sanitizers in our units. This aids in preventing disease and infection in a variety of cases.

Furthermore, hand sanitizing options are often overlooked by individuals booking for events. On account of larger crowds, an option we have is our Hand Wash Stations. Encouraging guests and workers to utilize these units can cut down on instances of:

  • Diarrhea
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Salmonella
  • As well as, other serious medical conditions
Consider Accessibility Needs

In any case, you may be looking to suit the needs of individuals with physical disability. This includes wheelchair-accessible units and Portable Toilets. Families with small children, as well as seniors, will also benefit from larger units with more room to manoeuver. Moreover, a failure to provide accessible units could be against the law if your event is open to the public.

Our Commitment to YOU

Having a reliable Portable Toilet supplier is the best way to keep you, and your site, safe. Further, this guide works to show how you can keep your workers and guest safe. As a result of our 15+ years in business, Go Services Inc. is confident we can provide for all your Equipment Rental and Site Service needs.

Give us a call at (403) 342-9950 or send us an email to with any questions you have!

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