If you are running a Construction site, chances are you are already aware of your Porta-Potty Rental Needs. Go Services Inc., proudly serving Alberta, will always go the extra mile to provide you quality Rentals and consulting for your sites individual needs. In addition to being a trade leader in Construction Portable Toilet Rental, we are also Fully Safety Certified and ready to consult for the requirements of your site.

Construction Portable Toilet Rental Chart

Below is a chart that will give you a preliminary estimate for the amount of Porta-Potties your site may need based on the following factors:

  • Based on an 8 hour work day (40 hours/week)
  • Toilets should be placed within 200 feet (or 60 meters) of actual work area
# of
# of
# of
# of
41-505>91+1/10 workers
Options For Every Site
Construction Portable Toilet Rental

We carry a variety of sizes and styles for our Portable Toilet Rentals. Furthermore, we are capable of servicing your units as often as you need!

Construction Heated Portable Toilet Rental

Looking for something a little warmer? We also offer Heated Porta-Potty options!

Construction Self Contained Restroom Rental

If you’re running a bigger site then chances are you may need a Self-Contained Restroom. We offer both Skidded and Trailer Units.

Your All-in-one Solution

Every site can differ in requirements based on a wide array of factors. We can work with you so long as we know the size of your site, number of workers, location and the time of year. Go Services Inc. offers a wide variety of Rental Equipment options for you to choose from, and we will always help advise you based on your specific site needs.

Temporary Fencing

Keep your site safe and secure with top-quality Temporary Fencing. Our panels are painted a bright yellow, and designed to stand tall in a host of conditions.

Waste Bin Rental

Looking after your sites Waste Bins is something we can take care of for you! Further, we can set up a service schedule that is suited to your needs.

Construction Portable Toilet Rental | Combo Units

If you are operating a Mobile Work Site, then you need to consider our Combo Unit Rentals. Outfitted with everything you need, and capable of traveling with your site.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I’ve been working in the construction industry for most of my life. Furthermore, I have also spent a small stint in the oilfield. All things considered, during this time, I’ve used a lot of toilets!

I’m currently working North of Trochu, and you have a portable toilet on site here. I wanted to tell you that never in all my years of using portable toilets have I seen one so significantly maintained! You do an amazing job at keeping it stocked and emptied regularly. In addition, after it’s emptied, it’s cleaned out thoroughly so there is no fecal matter left on the walls. It can be disheartening to be on a site and not want (and in some cases not be able) to use a toilet. I just want to say thank you for providing such a great service. For this reason, I will be recommending your services wherever I can in the future.

Sincerely – a human being who, from time to time, needs to use a toilet.


If you need additional information about your Construction Portable Toilet Rental needs, please feel free to Contact Us at anytime!

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