Heated Septic Tanks

Environmentally Friendly. Cost Effective. Winter Ready.

Heated Septic Tanks

At Go Services Inc. we are constantly looking for innovations in both Equipment Rental as well as Services in an effort to better serve our clients needs! As of late we have been offering Heated Septic Tanks for a variety of locations and situations, as they offer an exceptionally universal option for a wide range of applications.

Tested over the course of the last decade, Heated Septic Tanks (designed with Heavy-Duty PVC Vinyl) offer an effective alternative for extreme winter conditions, remote areas, and offer an optional insulated (fitted) blanket that encases the entire bladder. Paired with proper Septic Service, these tanks will save you time, money, and will leave a smaller footprint on our environment.

Go Services Inc. Heated Septic Tanks | Alberta Rentals
Go Services Inc. Heated Septic Tanks | Alberta Rentals

Are you looking for Septic Services?

Go Services Inc. is an industry leader in Septic Servicing for all types of containment. We can work with you to develop a schedule that works best for your needs/site.


  • Temporary Housing
  • Oil & Gas Work-sites
  • Mining Sites
  • Remote Areas
  • Housing Units
  • Mobile Homes